Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Quotient (Intelligence) (EQ)?

“Emotional intelligence Is a set of emotional and social abilities that enhances your skill in adapting and succeeding when experiencing different environmental demands.”  Therefore, being strong in EQ will make you a better student, employee, employer, husband/wife, parent and member of your community. Being strong in EQ will also help you succeed on the international stage whether it be as an international student, an employee of an international company or even a foreign national living abroad.

 Why EQ?

EQ Resources:

  • List of Essential EQ Qualities (Chinese and English)
  • Take a Brief EQ Assessment (Chinese and English)
  • Schedule Your 20 Hour Emotional Intelligence Intensive (for schools, universities or companies): Description (HERE)
  • Articles and Exercises on EQ (AI Blog)
  • Scheduling Seminars from Guy Armstrong, CEO of AI and Certified EQ Instructor (Chinese) (English)
  • Guy will be teaching EQ Seminars on a WeChat Forum in 2016-2017. To find out more join WeChat: AI-USA-CHINA




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